Sunday, July 19, 2015

A few weeks ago, my friend Autumn and I were chatting over the wire.  She moved to Kansas awhile back but we still keep in contact.  Autumn has been struggling with her weight for some time.  Here is Autumn with her husband, Robert. 
Autumn reported to me that she was trying really hard to get things on track and workout.   She has been taking walks and attending kickboxing classes.  She was extremely proud the day I talked to her because she had taken a 2 mile walk!!  WAY TO GO!!!  When Autumn lived by me, it was hard for her to walk often and she used a walker for assistance when she tired.  Now she is walking without that walker ;-)  Autumn started talking to me about doing a 5K or running one day.  Of course my ears immediately pricked up. ;-) I told Autumn that one of the number one things that she needed to do was make sure she had good shoes.  I have certainly learned that the hard way.  We talked about going to a specialty store where they can determine what was best for her.  I told her to start saving.  Autumn said that was one of her problems presently was that she had an old pair of shoes that were worn and really hurting her feet.  
I purchased Autumn a new pair of New Balance running shoes and sent them off to Kansas.  Autumn LOVED them ;-)  I am soo glad I could help her begin her journey.  It is so worth it.  Here is Autumn this week!!!  Look at this beautiful lady!!!  WAY TO GO AUTUMN!!!!  (Your shoes look great too!)

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