Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Happy Happy New Year everyone!!!  I hope everyone is out and hitting the pavement, trails, treadmill or whatever!! Let me tell you..... it unfortunately is the treadmill here.  Its way below zero windchill with some blowing wind and icy patches.  I fell and hit my head twice last year running on ice so I am hesitant this year.  I just walked my dog around the block and was running to get back inside.  It is horrible out ;-)  I do have to say... I would miss it though if we didn't have a little variety of temps.  

ANYWAY, a new year of goals.  I am not sure if I have any specific goals with running.  I want to stay flexible and relaxed.  I have a variety of runs scheduled for this upcoming year.  They are all trail runs so this will be new.  I usually have street runs in there... but none this year.  So that is exciting.  My smallest run will be a half marathon trail run in May.  Otherwise they all go uphill after that in mileage.  I think that if I have to name some goals... I will say this: 

1.  Lose some weight to make my runs smoother
2.  Spend more time in nature for running/hiking
3.  Get my kids out more in it....
4.  Try to be less scared of bears.  Dude, seriously... I am soooo scared of running into one.  

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