Monday, February 13, 2017

Nice weather? Are you kidding me? February in Iowa?

Guess what?!  Guess what?!  We are going to have a beautiful weekend here in Iowa!!!  Looks like Friday and Saturday are going to be in high 50's!!  AHHHHHH!!!  I am marching my, let me change that... I am RUNNING my butt right to the trails!  Enough of the dreadmill!!!  I want to put a disclaimer here actually: I do actually like the treadmill.  I can watch some good shows on tv that normally I would never sit down to watch.  BUT, do you know how hot, sweaty, smelly and gross I get 5+ miles in on the treadmill at the gym with the heater on?  Its bad.  I have seriously left early and not finished my run because I wondered if people were thinking I smelled super gross. Sigh... But anyway, that is behind me for this weekend!  I am going to put some fresh air into these lungs!!!

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