Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cross-Training Day.  If you are a runner... many times you hate this day.  Other days it's not so bad.  Today was one of those days I wanted to run, but I held back... I chose to do the 21 Day Fix workout.  Sometimes I stream videos off the internet when I need a cross-train option.  To be honest, I have seen this video advertised on one of those "in the middle of the night" infomercials... so I was quite skeptical.  The set includes diet instructions and portion sized containers.  (Not for me)... But it also comes with workouts.  So I tried the workouts.  

I have got to say, I loved it!  It was under 40 minutes... I sweat and I was sore in my rear the next day.  So worth a try if you are looking for something fun, different and quick.  You need some hand weights for some of the videos.

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