Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Long Run Day

I am going to try these Muscle Milk chews I grabbed at Walmart one day. I am not sure what to expect, and to be honest... I am a little frightened. I guess we will see. I usually have to stick to Stinger brand. SEEMS to be the one gel or long run Carb source that doesn't make my stomach upset.

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  1. Well, the good and the bad. I am happy to report they DID NOT make me sick. I was really surprised. ALWAYS take your carb snacks with plenty of water though. If you are already dehydrated... most sugar snacks are going to make you feel like hell. The bad of this... I just am not a fan of "chews" probably why I hate gummy bears. They stick to your teeth like crazy. Gels are convenient. You squeeze that stuff in your mouth, swallow and go. ;-) To each their own...