Thursday, June 18, 2015

Welcome Friends!

I wanted to say "Welcome Running Friends,"  but I decided against it.  I want my page to be open to all of my friends who run, who may be curious about running, who want to start running, or want may want to look at my running rants and laugh at me.  It all works for me ;-)  

I want to show you this picture.  This is my first 1/2 marathon several years ago.  So....  yeah, I am not sure what to say to this.  HA!  I am exhausted at this point, I am wearing a lei and NOT in Hawaii, and I apparently run with my eyes half closed. ;-)  Actually, I just wanted to show you this picture to tell you... that many many of your running pictures are going to look like this.  Be NOT AFRAID!  I have had some good photos... but 80 percent have looked like this fine example of OMG!!!  I keep this picture to remind me of proud I was that day.  I keep this picture to remind me of the progress I have made.  I encourage you to keep and love ALL the pictures you get.  I may look pretty funny in this picture... but the pride and determination that is going on in that head is priceless (prob why I had to squint my eyes.)

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