Thursday, August 13, 2015

So in some respect, it seems like my first Ultra Marathon is so far off... and yet, I panic when I think about how close it is.  It is in April 2016.  My official training starts December 1st.  I plan to document most of it on here.  The training should prove to be interesting considering I live in Iowa and my longest runs will be in Jan, Feb, March.  THAT is scary.  
Anyway, right now I am just enjoying the run.  I make sure to get one SLOW long run in a week.  To me a "long" run is just anything over 10 miles.  So it may be 10 one week, it may be 20.  I am a little excited because yesterday I signed up for my local Anytime Fitness.  I am going to need that place throughout training for some cross training and specifically weight training (that was a lot of "training" in one sentence.)  
I will probably do some updating on here how my experiences at the fitness center go.  I am a bit excited about it... yet a little nervous.  That is clearly the introvert in me.  Happy Running!

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