Thursday, August 20, 2015


People often talk about peer pressure, the loss of willpower.... I am definitely the first to admit mine generally SUCKS.... especially when it comes to food.  I eat healthy for sure.  My problem is though I either eat too much (I definitely do not know when to say ENOUGH)  or I just get cravings like potato chips.  

So with the spirit of my ultra marathon training coming up, it is clear I need to work on this willpower thing.  I mean lets face it, this run will be brutal and waaay more psychological than physical.  Sure, my legs will want to fall off... but my mind is going to play some evil sabotage games all day with me.  If I go into the race with the same exact willpower I have now, I am afraid failure could be eminent.  I need to start attending to this now while the going is much easier.  
So I plan to start out by just using stronger willpower with my diet.  Being more mindful of my eating, etc.

Here is an example of CRAPPY NON-NON-MINDFUL eating.... Yesterday I was eating a bag of kale chips.  I was really loving them, as I do with anything that is a chip form such as that.  I was plowing them into my mouth while I worked at my desk, NOT PAYING ATTENTION.  I continued to eat them thinking, "whatever, its kale... who cares if I eat the whole bag."  I got to the point where I was tipping the bag and just pouring in.... lol.  In the middle of my piglet session I note a weird chewing event in my mouth.  I stop and somewhat focus on what I am doing and I was actually eating the damn silicone packet!!!  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!!!???  I think many of us are guilty of this... chips or cookies, etc.... its easy to do.  THIS is what I am working on in the upcoming weeks.  I wonder if there are some good ways to work on this?  I wonder if anyone has any good tips?    Duct tape to the mouth?  etc.. etc....  I guess what I am trying to I need better power over my mind.  I need to know what is going on... but also I need to know how to ignore it too and not let it be the boss of me. ;-)  

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