Monday, September 7, 2015

Finished the Dubuque Classic Half Marathon today... as well as the Dominate Dubuque series!!

 I hate humid running...  

 today almost made me cry it DID make a young girl ahead of me drop and go unconscious....someone stayed with her and I ran ahead to notify the police a mile up the road.... 5 days off and then off to my next half marathon!

I have never carried my own water before.  I have always depended on the water stops.  I think I was always afraid of looking "dumb."  For some reason, local races often do not have a lot of runners carrying their own water... well, I swallowed my pride and carried one handheld water bottle.  SO glad I did in this humid weather!  Plus, I did see a few others sporting water packs on their backs and hips.  This is always the hilliest and hardest race of the year for me... its pretty darn steep.  Now that I am going to the gym for strength training.. hopefully next year's Dubuque Classic will be a breeze.  In the next month I have two more half marathons and then let the ultra marathon training begin! ;-)  Just in time for some cool temps ;-)

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