Friday, September 25, 2015

Had kind of a worn down crappy 15 miler this am.  ON THE BRIGHT SIDE... who just got notified that they are officially a HAMMER FUEL AND NUTRITION AMBASSADOR?!!!  I was so excited to find out my head almost exploded!!! ;-)  Now I will be able to offer people a discount for the products AND hand out samples! ;-)  WOO HOO!!! ;-)  DID I MENTION BUSINESS CARDS?!!  I am incredibly honored that I get to wear their brand and show it off.... make sure if you have never tried one of their supplements or gels, etc... and want to, get a hold of me... I will get you a sample to try!!  If I don't have a sample supply on hand.. you can try something of mine! ;-)

I should add, their products are for just about any sport, running, cycling, basketball, football, bodybuilding, climbing, swimming.... it goes on and on.  They have awesome supplements, gels, recovery products, you name it.  ;-)

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